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What the papers say

It is difficult to retain dispassionate objectivity when you come across a shoot like Perrystone.
But if one was to introduce a scoring system which took into account all the key attributes – and people – behind such a top-quality day, then there could be no doubt that a 'Strictly Come Shooting' jury of expert practitioners would all be showing their 9s and 10s.'

The Field. November 2009
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Bordering the meandering flow of the River Wye, the Perrystone estate lies in a county representing everything about our small island that has always been romantic to the native and the traveller alike.
The shoot at Perrystone takes up all of the estate's 2,500 acres, plus around another 800 acres of neighbouring farmland.
There are currently 24 drives and the topography is such that no two are the same. Peter admits that novice guns might struggle on some of the drives (last year the cartridge to kill ratio was 5:1 on let days).
The shoot has all the qualities of a big shoot but with the feel of a small one. "It's the atmosphere that people love at Perrystone. The guns very soon realise that Adrian.…. and the loaders are all real characters who love their shooting, and a good laugh. This makes the day more fun and is a refreshing change to those shoots where they feel they are part of some corporate conveyor belt"

The Shooting Gazette. May 2008
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