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What makes a shoot special?

There are lots of reasons.


How well you shoot - and whether anyone notices!
Or how well you draw. Was number 8 as good as number 4?
The people. Did you have a really good laugh?
And really take the pith when William Tell missed the apple?

Did you have to drive too far,
or walk too little?
Did you meet someone you'd only known by reputation
Who turned out to be your New Best Friend?

Was the countryside more beautiful than you could have imagined
Or a little too close to Sloane Square
At lunch, did you quaff something decent
Or was it 'vin très ordinaire'?

Were the beaters a bit too enthusiastic
Or like a victorian child - never heard and rarely seen?
Were the pickers-up a tad too efficient
So that your poor, privately-educated dog barely got a look in?

Was every drive different,
and every bird a soaring, long tailed, force of nature?
Was it somewhere you'd want to go back to ?
But this time, take your own team.


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